You can also become an AlSuite Reseller

AlSuite Resellers

These are companies interested in marketing AlSuite as a product. SionaPros partners with different countries in different countries to do exactly this.
There can only be a given number of companies per country. A company should have at least one AlSuite Certified Installer - see description below.

Country Reseller
Uganda SionaPros Ltd
Malawi Compelling Works Ltd

AlSuite Certified Installer

These are technicians with an in-depth understanding of the AlSuite platform. An AlSuite Certified Installer should ideally be an Accountant with exposure to Accounting Information Systems. Knowledge and handson experience in project management, including project monitoring logframes is an added value. An AlSuite Certified Installer should ideally be affiliated to an official AlSuite Reseller. However, if any given country does not have an AlSuite Reseller instituted, a Certified Installer can act independently.

AlSuite Certified Trainer

An AlSuite Certified Trainer is someone with a good understanding of how AlSuite works. They may not necessarily posses the depth and breadth of knowledge of an AlSuite Certified Installer, but know enough to bring clients on board. Certified Trainers should possess good training and presentation skills. A Certified Installer can be a Certified Trainer, but not vice-versa.

AlSuite Sales Agent

The AlSuite Sales Agent know AlSuite with its features, functionalities and value proposition it brings to the client as a platform, enough to market and bring clients on board. An AlSuite Sales Agent will usually refer clients to a Reseller (where these exist) or to a Certified Installer.

There are different rules of engagement with each of the actors above. If you are interested in any of the above positions, contact us.