Our pricing structure is flexible and affordable.


Our pricing structure is flexible and affordable, allowing your organisation to accommodate growth

Licence Option Users (minimum-maximum) Monthly Subscriptions (USD) Annual Subscriptions (USD) -5% off
AISuite Basic green-tick 1 - 5 green-tick 25 green-tick 285
AISuite Standard green-tick 6 - 15 green-tick 45 green-tick 513
AISuite Plus green-tick 16 - 30 green-tick 78 green-tick 889
AISuite Premium green-tick 31 - 50 green-tick 120 green-tick 1368
AISuite Enterprise green-tick 51 - 100 green-tick 190 green-tick 2166

Further pertinent information

  • Subscriptions can be cancelled any time, in which case, the running month is treated as last billing month
  • Subscriptions can be remitted through different channels: credit card, debit card, mobile money, wire transfer (for only annual subscriptions)
  • Subscriptions and other relevant account records are managed in the admin panel of the application.
  • For more information read the privacy policy and user agreement.

Extra Services offered

The AlSuite team can also support you with on-boarding and comprehensive training to get your team started using AlSuite.
Feel free to contact us.