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The AISuite platform was designed to respond to real world challenges faced in project management


The AISuite platform was designed to respond to real world challenges faced in project management including the following.
  • There is no known coherent solution that links accounts, monitoring and evaluation, activity planning and approval, field report filing, accountability tracking and comprehensive reporting in an all-round suite.
  • Tracking of project progress towards outcomes, outputs and targets is not always straightforward and coherent.
  • Accountability for funds cannot readily be drilled down to activity level while retaining the big picture at project level. As a project manager, you want to know outstanding accountability at project level as well as at requisition line levels and know who should be held accountable.
  • Most existing solutions do not have comprehensive reporting on operations, M&E and finance in a coherent and integrated manner.
  • Most existing solutions do not have use alerts and reminders to pro actively engage users in decision support on projects in progress.
  • The world is a global village, managers are on the move. A manager in the UK approving a requisition line for an activity being implemented in Uganda should have all the information and over what period? Which donors/clients are financing it?
This list can go on and on. Here we are highlighting some of the critical challenges that AlSuite addresses.


Any organization engaged in running projects with a keen interest in projects efficiently should strongly consider using AlSuite.
By 'managing projects efficiently' we refer here to the ability to systematically and coherently link financial processes to monitoring and evaluation,
work planning, activity request and approval, requisition request and approval and field reporting and approval, coupled with the ability to track progress towards
outcomes,outputs, targets etc, and the financial status of your organization from different dimensions (client, project, budget, chart of account, outcome budget,output budget, workplan budget, target budget etc) real time. Furthermore, you will want to track accountability for funds you release. You would like to know who owes you how much money in terms of accountability. You would also like to instantly generate staff activity report,
to know who did what when real time and which filed reports are pending.

Critical AlSuite components.







System Setup

  • Create organization
  • Define units
  • Invite users
  • Assign roles and units
  • Define approval levels
  • Define approvers


Accounts Setup

  • Define Chart of Accounts
  • Create clients
  • Create projects
  • Create budgets
  • Perform budget spread


M&E Setup

  • Define outcomes
  • Define outputs
  • Define indicators
  • Define milestones



  • Create work plan
  • Define targets
  • Create activities
  • Approve activities
  • Create requisitions
  • Book requisitions
  • Approve requisitions
  • Release funds
  • Execute activity
  • File activity as done
  • Write filed report
  • Approve field report
  • File accountability for funds spent



  • Outcomes performance
  • Outputs performance
  • Project budget tracking
  • Organization budget tracking
  • Client budget tracking
  • CoA budget tracking
  • Work plan budget tracking
  • Target budget tracking